FOS Breeding Bird Atlas progress

This site hosts analyses of the Breeding Bird Atlas (BBA) data for the Florida Ornithological Society [], to support completion of atlasing effort started in 2011.

The state is divided into Quads corresponding to US Geological Survey quadrangles, each further subdivided into six blocks (NW, CW, SW, NE, CE, SE). The "6-blocks" (SE) are designated the statistic sample. (Atlasing efforts for the state are organized and reported in nine Regions.)

Data are entered into the Patuxent web site, where a summary was made available each weekend for updates on progress. This site includes certain summaries to help monitor progress as the current "BBA-II" study attempts to match the coverage in the original BBA-I atlas completed in 1991.

Current Status Report

The Status Report here (referenced by the BBA page on site) was regularly updated during the 2011-2017 active collection period. Click any region to view details.
FL BBA Regions Region1 Region2 Region3 Region4 Region5 Region6 Region7 Region8 Region9

Goals of BBA II:

Goal 1: 6-block sampling

Gather enough data from the 6-blocks to produce a sound statistical comparison with BBA-I, specifically to detect as many species, on average, as were reported from BBA-I in each county, in each Region, and state-wide.

Goal 2: Quad-level objectives

Gather enough data from any block in all quads to support distribution maps based on the Quads, incorporating as much quad-level data as were used to produce the maps published by BBA-I.

Goal 3: Mini-Routes

Gather enough data from 15-stop routes [patterned on the 50-stop breeding bird survey (BBS) routes] run in each quad and focused on the 6-blocks. Knowing which blocks have completed mini-route surveys allows coordinators to focus on the most-needed remaining quads. This objective will support mapping of the most important population centers for many species.

Goal 4: Focal Species

Field Cards

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This page updated 4/20/2020 for new Species distribution maps (SE blocks)